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The All Rounder Podcast

Jun 29, 2019

Former All-Ireland winning player Timmy Hammersley joins Ben Bernie to give his thoughts on the GAA Hurling Championship thus far, as well as predicting the likely outcomes in the provincial finals. 

Jun 25, 2019

LISTENERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED: Following the 30th anniversary and recent TV series based on the episode topic, both Aidan 'DeBunt' Kearney and Pat Doyle join John to discuss The Chernobyl Disaster - its causes, effects, and the impact that it has had on the world that we live in today. 

Jun 11, 2019

Following a well-earned draw in Denmark, and a less-than-spectacular win against the Gibraltans in Dublin, Andrew O'Brien and Pat Doyle join John to discuss why they feel that despite being top of the group, Irish fans should not be too confident of European qualification.

Jun 3, 2019

The full unedited, uncensored version of The All Rounder podcast's recent LIVE Champions League Final Special episode which aired on Facebook recently. Apologies for the slightly poorer audio quality throughout parts of this episode.

The full video version of this live episode can be viewed on our YouTube and Facebook...